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"Brute force is not my way. My technology can devise infinitely more successful, subtle, and unpleasant methods..."

Profile: Afterburner's trademark is his lightning-fast wit. Solutions to problems come to him instantly, and he won't hesitate to implement his ideas before he's ever gotten permission to do so. He detests having to explain his ideas to others, since nobody else is likely to understand them to begin with; by the time he's received approval from his superiors to put his plans into action, his sharp mind has already become bored with the idea and has moved onto something new. What's more, Afterburner is an inherently lazy creature, which means that his flashes of inspiration usually end up amounting to nothing. In short, he's simply too smart for his own good.

Abilities: In plane mode, Afterburner flies at up to 1993 mph. He is equipped with a radar targeting system used for a wide variety of functions, including plotting his aerial course, searching for raw materials for his projects, and tracking down enemies. In robot mode, his undercarriage radar converts to a dual-purpose unit, serving as a handheld scanner as well as providing him with firepower. In his role as a technicians expert, Afterburner possesses the programming skill and engineering expertise to repair, refit, and improve on just about any Cybertronic technology he's familiar with. He is especially adept at engines and propulsion systems.

Weaknesses: Although Afterburner can be lethal on the front line, he rarely bothers to put any effort into it since warfare bores him as much as anything else. His penchant for going his own devious way has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion.

Afterburner (Robot and Jet Modes)

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