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"Want to race?"

Profile: Blowout is an energetic and vivacious Autobot with an endless supply of enthusiasm.  A spirited, hotshot adventurer, he never tires of trashing enemy Decepticons—particularly since his travels take him to every corner of the globe. He loves what the Earth has to offer.  When not engaged in battle, he can typically be found cruising through the streets of Los Angeles or racing along the roads of Monte Carlo. He plans to tour as many different race courses during his stay on Earth, and it frustrates him when he's called into duty before he's completed his final lap. As long as the Decepticon threat exists, though, he'll continue to devote his primary efforts to putting his enemies on the skids.

Abilities: In sports car mode, Blowout can reach a maximum speed of 460 mph, and specializes in outmaneuvering and overcoming ground-based targets. In robot mode, he carries a quasar rifle that draws power from distant stars, converting the energy into laser emissions powerful enough to cut through enemy armor. Blowout's signature move is to use his rifle to shoot out the tires of his targets to facilitate their capture.

Weaknesses: Blowout occasionally forgets to put business before pleasure, but other than that he has no serious weaknesses.

Blowout (Robot and Car Modes)

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