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"Too much vigilance is never enough."

Profile: Bouncer is assigned to Autobot City, patrolling Metroplex and its immediate surroundings to keep the city safe from intruders.  He knows the city inside and out, and won't hesitate to kick out anyone without the proper authorization.  He takes his duty very seriously—he's a tough, no-nonsense robot who doesn't take any flak from anyone.  His business-like demeanor doesn't earn him many friends, but that's fine with Bouncer.  Friendships are simply a distraction from his work.  He gets along well enough with Scamper and Six-Gun, fellow custodians of the city with whom he feels he has a lot in common.

Abilities:  Bouncer transforms into a thruster-propelled rocket car that can attain speeds of 210 mph.  He also turns into a helicopter with amazing aerial agility, capable of fying in any direction—backwards, sideways, and even upside-down.  His superior speed and maneuverability give him the advantage when pursuing an invader of the city limits.  In robot mode, Bouncer carries his helicopter rotor blades as a weapon, which can also fold up into a spinning sword.  He uses a freeze ray gun that can immobilize intruders for up to 20 minutes.

Weaknesses: Bouncer has no known weaknesses.

STR: 7  INT: 7  SPD: 8  END: 9
RNK: 9  CRG: 8  FPW: 9  SKL: 6


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Rodimus Prime, Bouncer, and Ultra Magnus (from the Transformers Season Three Title Sequence)