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"Carnage in C-Minor"

Transformers Future Episode #82

Written by Buzz Dixon

"Their art, their commerce, their philosophy--it's based on musical harmonies!"

 Galvatron's latest scheme involves directing an icy comet towards Earth using a rocket engine, destroying Metroplex.  Ultra Magnus leads a squad of Autobots to stop the operation, but when the comet's rocket is inadvertantly activated in the ensuing battle, the Autobots attempt to divert it before it collides with a small planet. Before they can act, however, a sonic wave emanates from the planet, destroying the comet and sending the disoriented Autobots and Decepticons tumbling to the planet below.

 On the surface, Basso Profundo, the leader of Eurythma, is triumphant.  A woman named Allegra is not as pleased, who is tired of Profundo's archaic and intolerant rule.  She storms off to her private retreat, much to the chagrin of her lover, Zeebop Scandana.

 Meanwhile, the Decepticons have recovered; Galvatron and Soundwave are determined to find the source of the mysterious harmony.  Ultra Magnus, Blaster, and Broadside also depart, and find Basso Profundo first.  He refuses to help, despite the potential dangers to his world; he's convinced his harmonies will be good enough.  Indeed, the entire planet's culture is based on musical harmonies.

 Galvatron attacks the Autobots and crushes them beneath a bridge, then seeks Allegra, hoping to win her over.  Zeebop finds the Autobots and uses his part of the harmony to rescue the Autobots.  He agrees to help them find Allegra.

 Meanwhile, Galvatron convinces Allegra to help him overthrow Basso Profundo, and she sings her part of the harmony, which Soundwave records.  The Decepticons need to record Zeebop's and Basso Profundo's parts in order to use the secrets of the complete harmony, however.

 When Zeebop and the Autobots go to rescue Allegra, Zeebop uses his part of the harmony to defend himself.  Soundwave records his part as well, and uses the combined parts to bury the Autobots.  After Galvatron decided Allegra has outlived her usefulness, Allegra fights back with her harmony.  The Autobots manage to unearth themselves, but Zeebop is crushed by Soundwave and Blaster, locked in combat.  Allegra is able to save him, and they join the Autobots and head for Basso Profundo's city.

 Basso Profundo is unable to defend the city without the other parts of the harmony, even with a mechanical amplifier.  When he uses his part of the harmony, Soundwave captures the last part, and the harmony is complete.  Galvatron heads for Metroplex.  Basso Profundo agrees to heal the injured Autobots and join the fight.

 Soundwave uses the harmonic weapon against Metroplex, but once Ultra Magnus and the Autobots arrive, the Eurhythmans use white noise to counter Soundwave's harmony.  Blaster gets close enough to erase Soundwave's cassettes, and Galvatron retreats.

 The Eurythmans are safe, and with the Decepticons gone, they accept that they must tolerate each other's differences if they are to live in harmony.

First Appearances:  Broadside's first featured appearance, and the first time we see his robot mode.