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"Exploring the world is the greatest adventure."

Profile: Compass spends his time communing with nature, exploring the wilderness and all the marvels it beholds.  The Earth is so completely different from his native planet of Cybertron that he wants to explore as much of the strange, new planet as possible.  The more pristine and untouched a landscape is by human development, the more he admires it.  He doesn't understand why humans insist on cutting down trees and replacing them with skyscrapers.  He worries, too, what will happen to the Earth's natural wonders as a result of the war with the Decepticons.  Compass is unhappy when called into battle, and does so only with extremely reluctance, if at all.  Sometimes he will even decide to ignore the call to battle and continue mapping the planet, reasoning that his work is just as important, if not more so, than engaging the Decepticons in direct combat.  

Abilities:   Compass has an advanced computer mapping capability and uses it to create three-dimensional representations of the Earth, taking note of important energy reserves, the sites of significant battles, and other points of interest for future reference.  He can instantly detect the slope of land to within .002 degrees as well as his current elevation from sea level.  He is constantly scanning the topography in order to add to and update his database.  His head-mounted scanner can conduct topographical scans from up to 20 miles away.  He is equipped with two rocket launchers in his arms that can launch long-range, heat-seeking rockets.  He can also replace his hands with spinning strobe projectors that can temporarily disorient opponents.

Weaknesses:  Compass is not reliable or dependable, due both to his reluctance to fight as well as his tendency to immerse himself in his topographical missions.  On more than one occasion, the Autobots have tried to find Compass but were unable to locate him.

STR: 5  INT: 6  SPD: 5  END: 8
RNK: 7  CRG: 9  FPW: 7 SKL: 9


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