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"Leave the hard work to others and you will never go wrong."

Profile:  Deadbeat is the laziest Autobot ever created.  He talks big, boasting of his endless heroism and his amazing feats, but when it comes time to back up his words with action, he never delivers.  The way he looks at it, there are already so many Autobots who are stronger and more capable than he is, so why not let them take care of things?  He's full of hot air and empty promises, and it is only due to the teamwork and reluctant compassion of his fellow Autobots that he has managed to survive as long as he has.  Optimus Prime has had repeated talks with him, asking him to start carrying his own weight, but so far, his requests have fallen on mute audio receptors.  He is a skilled and effective tracker, at least when he wants to be, and it is perhaps for this reason alone that the others continue to tolerate his shiftless ways.

Abilities:  As a vehicle, Deadbeat is equipped with an array of onboard tracking equipment that enables him to detect the presence, movement, and proximity of targets up to 30 miles away.  In theory, he can detect an individual thumbtack in a scrapyard and tell you exactly how to find it—though in practice, he will more likely just suggest that you try to find it yourself.  In robot mode, he uses a proton accelerator gun that can disrupt electronic devices.  A concentrated burst from the weapon can cause most devices to explode.  He also uses a shoulder launcher that fires tracker rockets with an 11 mile range, enabling him to follow targets remotely that he is physically unable to reach.

Weaknesses: Deadbeat's failure to make a worthwhile contribution to the Autobot team is his biggest shortcoming.  Although he is equipped with highly useful tracking equipment, and powerful weaponry, he often fails to utilize it effectively.

STR: 4  INT: 5  SPD: 7 END: 6
RNK: 3  CRG: 4  FPW: 9  SKL: 6


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Deadbeat (from TRANSFORMERS #41)