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"Victory is my destiny!"

Profile:  Deceptus is a born leader.  As powerful as he is courageous, he has earned a reputation across Cybertron as one of the most frightful and deadly war machines in history.  Deceptus was responsible for founding the Decepticon Empire, amassing a group of like-minded military hardware units and assembling them into an organized fighting force potentially capable of conquering Cybertron and wiping out the Autobot resistance.  Though Deceptus has only waged a small handful of military campaigns, and lacks the experience of a more seasoned war veteran, his palpable enthusiasm and natural charisma on the battlefield have earned him a following of die-hard loyalists who will follow his every command.  He is destined to go down in history as one of the greatest Decepticon leaders of all time.

Abilities:  Deceptus was built for combat, with a raw strength that is unparalleled among his forces.  In robot mode, he carries a pair of fusion rifles that create a nuclear reaction in their targets, dematerlializing them into atomic particles.  He is also armed with an electro-whip that sends a concentrated burst of electrical energy into whatever target it strikes.  He tends to favor the fusion rifles for long-range combat, reserving his electro-whip for close-quarters melee encounters.  In motorcycle mode, Deceptus is one of the fastest vehicles on the open road.  His specially-designed tires are studded with sharp spikes that enable him to grip the ground securely, granting him superior maneuverability.  He is equipped with a front-mounted range finder that enables him to target and more easily destroy his Autobot prey.

Weaknesses:  Deceptus is a cunning military commander, but he also suffers from an inflated ego.  Though he is immensely powerful, he frequently overestimates his own capabilities as a war machine, resulting in situations too dangerous for him to effectively handle.

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