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"Let me study the battle plans. I'll think up something really unpleasant—and then make it even nastier."

Profile: Deluge is a brilliant Decepticon with a weirdly twisted mind. His scientific genius is without question, but some of the ideas he comes up with are so unconventional—even utterly disturbing at times—that many of his comrades believe he is a deeply troubled robot. The hideous methods of attack he suggests are gruesome enough to astonish Decepticon warriors who think they've seen it all. For Deluge, there simply aren't any boundaries of fair play or good taste. These concepts have no scientific basis, he reasons, and would only serve to limit his work. What others think of him doesn't bother Deluge at all, however.  Indeed, sometimes he seems barely aware of their existence, living in a world of his own, horribly plotting his next sinister move.

Abilities: In race car mode, Deluge is sleek, aerodynamic, and adept at surprise attacks. He is equipped with a spoiler-mounted aqua-pump, arming him with fast-action water power that can eat away at most substances in a matter of seconds. He is equally well-armed in robot mode, using his aqua-gun as a hand held weapon. His greatest contribution to the team, however, is his innovative and deadly mind.

Weaknesses: Deluge's unusual outlook tends to alienate him from most of the Decepticons, who could have been potential allies if he were more approachable. He occasionally stalls out in vehicle mode when he tries to accellerate too rapidly.

Deluge (Robot and Car Modes)

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