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"Move it or lose it!"

Profile: Dirtbag's primary role is to carry massive amounts of munitions and other supplies into battle to support the Decepticon troops who have already arrived on the scene. However, he tends to be selifsh and materialistic when it comes to supplies, and he guards his wares fiercely. He's so reluctant to part with his supplies that he'll even invent excuses why he needs the materials more than his comrades do. The only thing that consistently diverts his attention from this endless power struggle is when he notices a battle is turning in favor of the Autobots.  Dirtbag looks on the Autobots as being little more than potential raw materials, so on the occasions they begin to achieve victory, he typically stops what he's doing, drops his cargo, and instantly converts to robot mode to join the fight himself.

Abilities: As a dump truck, Dirtbag drives at 25 mph and can haul up to 60 tons of materials and supplies. He is plated with a titanium-steel composite alloy that affords him a high degree of resistance to most conventional weaponry and laser fire, making him virtually indestructible in this form. As an Autoroller, he can transform to robot form while driving at full speed without any loss of control.  In robot mode, the crusher claw mounted on his left arm is capable of crumbling nearly anything, from rocks to raw materials to Autobots. His right arm mounted, double-shot rocket launcher fires chemical-based explosives that react with one another on impact.

Weaknesses: Dirtbag isn't very agile.  His armor serves to protect him well, but its cumbersome nature hinders his overall combat efficiency.

Dirtbag (Robot and Dump Truck Modes)

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