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"Divide and Conquer"

Transformers Classic Episode #6

"Mobility... limited.  Power relays... fused.  Part replacement... essential!"

 The Decepticons are raiding a munitions plant that Chip Chase (see "Roll for It") happens to be visiting to increase its computer efficiency.  He sends a signal to the Autobots, who soon arrive.  Optimus Prime shields Chip and his co-worker from a computer explosion, taking damage.  The Decepticon jets seize the opportunity and attack Prime with all the firepower they can muster, then escape.  Prime is heavily damaged, but manages to trudge back to base.

 Back at Decepticon Headquarters, Starscream insist that Prime's laser core was extinguished--"We saw him fall," he claims.  But Megatron is not convinced, sending Laserbeak to the Autobot camp to learn the truth.  Laserbeak spots Prime laying down on a table, badly wounded.  He proceeds to fire on Prime's exposed circuitry, causing a small explosion that damages him further.

 Prime requires a component vital to a Transformer's survival: a cosmotron.  Wheeljack remembers that he has one in his old workshop on Cyberton, so Chip uses Teletran I to determine the location of the next Decepticon space bridge (see "Transport to Oblivion").  Ironhide, Bluestreak, Trailbreaker, Bumblebee and Chip fight their way through the Decepticon troops and travel over the bridge to Cybertron, dodging Shockwave's blasts once inside the teleport chamber.

 With Chip's help, the Autobots get inside the lab and retrieve the cosmotron, but Megatron orders his soldiers on Cybertron to create an acid rain storm.  The rain stops the Autobots in their tracks, their systems short-circuited.  After Chip makes an impassioned speech about overcoming disabilities, Traibreaker manages to create a force field that shields the Autobots long enough for their automatic repair systems to compensate.  

 Back on Earth, the Decepticons have launched a full-scale attack on the leaderless Autobots.  With Huffer acting as temporary commander, the Autobots fight bravely, but are ultimately outmatched.  When Megatron dares any amongst them to stand against him, Optimus Prime appears, accepting the challenge.  According to the Cybertron code of combat, the Decepticons cannot assist Megatron during the battle (much to Starscream's delight).  Megatron has used so much energy fighting the Autobots that he is no match for Prime this time, and yields.