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"Catch me if you can!"

Profile: Double Clutch is one of the most versatile Autobots on the team.  Whether he's kicking up dust clouds on a dirt track in the desert or tearing up the tar at the Indianapolis 500, he performs with the same incredible high-speed precision. With a wide range of skills, he can be called upon for nearly any assignment—but is particularly adept when carrying out missions that require high-speed racing under combat conditions. However, his effectiveness is diminished by a strong rebellious streak. He simply doesn't like to follow orders.  Double Clutch places far more faith in himself than he does in his superiors, prompting him to ignore most commands in favor of pursuing his own ideas.

Abilities: In race car mode, Double Clutch can reach a maximum speed of 470 mph and can sustain this velocity for up to 30 minutes under his own power. However, his rear spoiler can convert to an energy-absorption panel, draining power from nearby sources and sustaining him almost indefinitely, even after his primary fuel source has been depleted. His spoiler also acts as a laser-guided deflector shield that can disperse or redirect enemy attacks. His aerodynamic nose module radiates disruptive electron bursts that disengage Decepticon tracking sensors. In robot mode, he carries a dual-grip photon accelerator gun that causes devices to waste energy, potentially capable of reducing Decepticons to powered-down heaps of metal.

Weaknesses: Double Clutch would be a remarkably effective warrior, were it not for his strong independent streak. As it stands, he's more likely to botch a mission because he's determined to do things his way.

Double Clutch (Robot and Indy Car Modes)

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