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"When you least expect it, expect me!"

Profile: Streaking in from excessive altitudes, Dreadwing is capable of bombing Autobot strongholds and rocketing back into the skies without ever being detected. Normally, this would make him a remarkably effective warrior; after all, his enemies can't shoot down what they can't see. This fact provides him with little comfort, however. Dreadwing is a grim and gloomy creature by nature, perpetually behaving as though his best friend just became permanently inoperative. He rarely has anything uplifting to say, but usually proceeds to say it anyway. Firmly convinced that life is one long ordeal of pain and suffering, his only true comfort is to ensure that everyone else is even worse off than he is. Most of the time, though, Dreadwing has a tough enough time just keeping his morose mind on his own work.

Abilities: As a stealth bomber, Dreadwing is equipped with a cloaking field that renders him undetectable by conventional scanners. He is armed with a payload of six wing-mounted, air-to-ground missiles and a six-shot, rapid-fire rotorpedo cannon, enabling him to blast a multitude of missiles at enemy forces in an instant. He can reach speeds up to Mach 2.6 in this form. He can also transform to an armored tank mode, using the cannon as his primary weapon. He travels at up to 35 mph in this form. Dreadwing is in command of a drone jet fighter named Smokescreen, which he can either set to fly a pre-programmed course, or control directly. The drone is equipped with two wing-mounted missile launchers, which become handheld weapons in its robot form. Dreadwing can combine with Smokescreen to form an advanced tactical bomber, making him capable of interplanetary trans-warp flight in this mode.

Weaknesses: Dreadwing's greatest weakness is unquestionably his profound emotional problems. His robot mode is cumbersome and presents an easy target, though his size and sheer strength provide an advantage at close quarters. His drone jet does not benefit from his cloaking field when it is operating as an individual unit.

Dreadwing and Smokescreen (Robot, Tank, Jet, and Combined Modes)

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