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"Give me more action! It's no fun unless I can see the whites of their eyes!"

Profile: Drench is a young, impetuous robot with a lust for excitement. He's a brilliant strategist, but he vastly prefers testing a new defense system on the battlefield than theorizing about it on the drawing board. Many of the Autobots find it difficult to relate to such an immature robot on a personal level, particularly those who have endured several million years' worth of war. It is for this reason that Drench enjoys the company of humans. He finds that such a comparatively short-lived species shares a similar enthusiasm for life that he does, and his time spent with them manifests itself in the Earthen expressions that routinely clutter his speech. Drench is respected for his amazing skill at devising what he would call "hair-raising" new defensive methods, but he will never be fully satisfied until he has more opportunities to participate in the excitement himself.

Abilities: In race car mode, Drench can reach a top speed of 290 mph. His spoiler mounted, dual-cannon aquapower weapon can shoot bursts of water or other liquids at 2000 pounds psi. He becomes an even more formidable opponent when he fills one cannon with scalding plasma and the other with cryogenic fluids, firing them in succession and using the extreme fluctuations in temperature to crack his enemies into pieces. He also uses this weapon in robot mode, using it to defend his post with courage and accuracy.

Weaknesses: Drench's eagerness to rush into things often results in his inadvertantly overlooking vital factors. Perhaps his biggest problem, though, is the frequency at which he shorts out his own circuits in excitement.

Drench (Robot and Race Car Modes)

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