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"The Dweller in the Depths"

Transformers Future Episode #87

Written by Paul Dini

"To secure Cybertron for the future, we can seek help from our distant past."

On Cybertron, the Autobots are installing a new power core, that will provide enough energy to make Cybertron completely self-sufficient.  The Quintessons watch remotely with disgust, still bitter about losing Cybertron.  One Quintesson, who existed before the Transformers were created, suggests a new plan: to unleash the Trans-Organics from within Cybertron.  The Trans-Organics were half-machine, half-beast creatures created by the Quintessons as the first attempt as a subservient race, but they were largely useless.  The creations the Quintessons had not been able to destroy were locked away inside a hibernation chamber deep within Cybertron.

The Quintessons approach Galvatron and plan to strike a deal with him, offering to give him the location of the Autobots' new power core.  Galvatron is wary, but can't resist the chance to get his hands on that kind of power.  The Quintessons reveal that the power core is deep within Cybertron...

The Decepticons arrive on Cybertron and descent to the lower levels.  The Autobots pursue, but are confused by the Decepticons' goal, a shaft that has been closed for ages.  The Decepticons, meanwhile, have searched most of the lower levels without success.  After breaking down a rusted door, they discover the hibernation chamber.  Frustrated that he's been had by the Quintessons again, Galvatron blasts the chamber, inadvertently releasing several mutated, cybernetic creatures--the Trans-Organics.  The Decepticons are largely ineffectual against the creatures, and several Sweeps are captured by a living energy siphon, the Dweller.

The Autobots arrive amid the Decepticons' battle with the Trans-Organics, which the Decepticons take as their cue to escape.  After Wreck-Gar is captured by the Dweller, Springer rushes in to save him, only to discover that Wreck-Gar has been turned into a kind of energy vampire, who touches Springer and turns him into one as well.  With the other Autobots quickly affected as well, Ultra Magnus and Arcee make their escape.

While fleeing from the Trans-Organics, Galvatron and the Decepticons encounter the energy vampires.  Galvatron throws several Sweeps at them in order to make his escape.  He corners Ultra Magnus and Arcee, but the Dweller arrives and distracts Galvatron long enough for Magnus and Arcee to return to Autobot Headquarters on Cybertron.

Magnus and Arcee explain what's happened to Rodimus and Perceptor.  After the energy vampires catch up with them, Perceptor and the other Autobots form a chain, and Perceptor plugs into the power core in order to bring the vampires' energy imbalance up to normal.  

Meanwhile, the Dweller has been growing every time it absorbs energy, and it has discovered the new power core.  Rodimus makes the decision to eject the power core, which is jettisoned into space near the Quintessons' mothership.  The Dweller attaches itself to the Quintesson ship...

First Appearances: This episode introduces a new type of Quintesson, the one that designed the Trans-Organics.  We don't see him again, however.