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"I'm turbocharged and livin' large!"

Profile: Electro is an experienced and effective field commander who is determined to win at all costs. Stubborn and resolute, he never relents once he's dedicated himself to completing a task. Whether involved in a recreational race with his fellow Autobots or engaged in a life-threatening battle with the Decepticons, Electro is determined to come out on top. The instant he enters a battle, he knows it won't be an easy one—for them!  His never-say-die attitude commands respect from both friend and foe.  Electro demands nothing less than the best from those under his charge, and he is such an inspiration to his troops that he always gets it from them.

Abilities: There are few Autobots better suited for high performance in vehicle mode than Electro. His super-charged engine is outfitted with double racing cams that can propel him at speeds of up to 310 mph, and his posi-traction rear axle provides him with maximum traction even under the most adverse road conditions. Fueled with a special nitro-injected energon supply, he is adept at using his agility and speed to personally survey an entire battlefield, better enabling him to control his team's strategy.  In robot mode, he carries an electrified light saber weapon capable of slashing through all but the toughest Decepticon armor. He can connect the weapon directly to his engine to triple its destructive potency.

Weaknesses: Electro's refusal to back down under any circumstances poses a hazard to the well-being of himself as well as those under his command. He frequently wears his tires out due to excessive speeding.

Electro (Robot and Vintage Car Modes)

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