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"Flawlessness isn't the most important thing—it's the only thing."

Profile: Eye Spy is the ultimate perfectionist, constantly pointing out the flaws in his fellow Autobots.  He never hesitates to bring to their attention every paint chip, cracked headlight, and scratched armor panel that he sees.  It's not that he necessarily wants to make them feel bad about themselves—he's just extremely observant.  He notices everything.  Eye Spy wants everything to be exactly the way it should be.  When it isn't, he never fails to mention what's wrong so that it can be corrected.  Eye Spy is binary-bonded to Grud, a slovenly, disgusting Nebulan who used to work as a garbage collector, though he prefers the term "sanitation engineer."  Grud is not nearly so concerned with seemingly trivial details the way Eye Spy is—he's happy just to be making a contribution and helping the Autobots.  Eye Spy is constantly trying to get Grud to improve himself, while Grud just wants Eye Spy to relax.

Abilities:   Eye Spy is equipped with the most sophisticated optic sensors of all the Autobots.  He can detect light waves in the infrared and infraviolet spectrum and uses thermal imaging scanners to see around corners and even right through walls.  Only the most heavily-shielded fortifications are impervious to his scanning capabilities.  In vehicle and robot modes, he carries two fog cannons that can saturate the atmosphere with a thick nitrogen fog, permeating a one-mile radius within minutes.  He uses this to hide his presence during spy missions, but can also use it to confuse enemy Decepticons on the battlefield.  The presence of the fog renders his opponents nearly blind, but due to his visual abilities, it does not hinder his performance at all.

Weaknesses:  Eye Spy lacks strong offensive capabilities, relying on his ability to evade detection.  He is prone to becoming frustrated when others don't meet his exacting standards.

STR: 6  INT: 8  SPD: 7  END: 5
RNK: 6 CRG: 9  FPW: 3  SKL: 10

Eye Spy

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Eye Spy and Pointblank (from "The Rebirth" part 3)