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"The Face of the Nijika"

Transformers Future Episode #92

Written by Mary Skrenes and Steve Skeates

"The lock is a seal on some kind of space warp!"

Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Blurr, and Perceptor are traveling in Sky Lynx through space when Sky Lunx detects something unusual--a gigantic disk hovering in space.  Upon closer inspection, Galvatron is tampering with it, and a Quintesson cruiser is trying to stop them.  The Autobots disembark, but while Perceptor is examining the warp in microscope mode, the Quintessons open the disk, actually a quadrant lock, to reveal a warp in space.  The Quintessons fly their ship through the warp, sucking the Autobots inside.  Determined not to let the Autobots discover the secrets of the quadrant lock, throws Cyclonus in after them.

The Autobots crash on planet Samojin, a planet with an immensely dense molecular structure.  Blurr was badly injured during the crash, having bent a leg strut when he landed on a rock.  He insists that Rodimus and Magnus search for Perceptor without him, but as soon as they leave, Blurr is discovered and captured by native Samojins.

Perceptor, meanwhile, is stuck in microscope mode.  He is found by a Samojin named Katsudan, who seems to recognize Perceptor's Autobot insignia.  He takes Perceptor back to his home where he extracts Perceptor's insignia, along with the universal emulator (and apparently his personality component) located behind the symbol.  Katsudan uses it to replace the face of a robot doll named Nijika, the Skydancer.  Awakening inside Nijika's body, Perceptor learns from Katsudan that millenia ago, Nijika was created by Katsudan's ancestor to pilot the first Samojin space craft.  The Quintessons, or "devils" as the Samojins knew them, arrived on the planet and sabotaged the Samojin temple guardian, Kordoree--also damaging Nijika in the process.  Without the temple to focus the telepathic powers of the Samojins, Katsudan's ancestor was unable to repair Nijika.  Furthermore, the Quintessons installed the quadrant lock to block out the light from the stars, which powered Kordoree.  

The Quintessons, meanwhile, are having problems of their own.  The isolator key needed to re-open the quadrant lock is damaged; without it, they will be trapped on Samojin along with the Autobots.  They have the idea of using Perceptor's universal emulator to replace the damaged component, but when they send a pair of Sharkticons to retrieve Perceptor, Katsudan demolishes them.  Cyclonus appears and agrees to help the Quintesson if they will share the secrets of the quadrant lock with Galvatron in exchange.

Blurr, whom the Samojins recognize as one of the Quintessons' "devil-spawn," has been taken to a public demonstration where he will be executed by being dropped into hot lava.  Cyclonus and one of the Quintessons are also attending the ceremony; Cyclonus is attempting to incite the mob into destroying Blurr.  When Nijika appears, from within the doll, Perceptor explains the true nature of the Quintessons and that Blurr is trying to help stop them.  The Quintesson tries to convince the crowd that Nijika is possessed, but the mob doesn't listen.  The other Quintesson, aboard his ship, captures Nijika and drops Blurr into the lava.  The heat is enough to repair his unbent strut, and he rejoins the other Autobots.

The Quintessons remove the universal emulator from Nijika, discarding the doll.  Blurr retrieves it just before the Quintessons go back through the quadrant lock, with Cyclonus in hot pursuit.  Perceptor has apparently rigged the isolator key so that the quadrant lock will not close again; the stars return to the sky, and the Samojins quickly repair Kordoree, and the guardian once again serves as a focal point for the Samojins' telepathic powers.  Perceptor realizes that the development of their powers was what the Quintessons feared.  Katsudan promises to continue his ancestor's work on the space craft, and hints that Perceptor and Nijika will meet again...

First Appearances:  None of any recurring characters, although this is the first and last time we see Ultra Magnus carry something in his car carrier mode during the series.