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"Five Faces of Darkness" part 5

Transformers Future Episode #70

Written by Flint Dille

"Somewhere in the depths of Cybertron, a commando team of Sharkticons is about to unleash a force that will destroy us all!"

Their planet defenseless, the Autobots retreat to the interior of Cybertron in the wake of the Decepticon-Quintesson assault (see part 4).  Meanwhile on Earth, Trypticon attacks the Autobots' headquarters, now guarded by Pipes and a small intercept squad.  They are no match for the gigantic Trypticon, who makes short work of the volcano, the space craft, and Teletraan I.

Meanwhile, Blaster has sent Sky Lynx to retrieve Captain Faireborn, the Autobots, and the transforming cog from Io.  The Quintessons intercept Blaster's transmission and send the Predacons to stop him.  

Back on Cybertron, the Autobots fight on.  After the Quintessons request a status report from Galvatron, he sends Blitzwing to appraise them.  He overhears them planning to send the Sharkticons deep into Cybertron to activate a Transformer-nullifying device, however, as well as the fact that the Decepticon Matrix was a ruse.  When Galvatron refuses to believe Blitzwing, he takes this information to the Autobots.

On Io, Sky Lynx arrives to retrieve the Autobots, but the Predacons are not far behind.  They combine into Predaking, who attacks Sky Lynx.  Sky Lynx manages to best him, and the Autobots escape with the cog.  Once in Earth's atmosphere, however, Sky Lynx is shot down by the Constructicons.  Blurr and Wheelie employ a football play to get past the Decepticons and make it to Autobot City; Pipes quickly installs the cog just as Trypticon approaches.  Metroplex, now able to transform to robot mode, is able to defend himself against Trypticon, tossing Trypticon into the ocean.

On Cybertron, Rodimus and Spike follow Blitzwing to the chamber where the Sharkticons are about to activate the device.  Galvatron arrives and accuse Blitzwing of seeking the Decepticon Matrix himself.  Galvatron pulls the switch on the device, causing every Transformer on both Earth and Cybertron to freeze in his tracks.  The Quintessons believe they are victorious, but they had not counted on Spike, who is immune to the effects of the nullifying device.  He grabs Rodimus Prime's gun and blasts the device, destroying it and restoring the Transformers.  Galvatron, livid, pursues the Quintessons, who depart in an escape pod.  

Rodimus and Galvatron are about to resume the battle when Blitzwing intervenes, promising to end the confrontation himself.  Galvatron exiles him from the Decepticon ranks and leaves Cybertron.  Rodimus is left with the disturbing notion that not only do the Autobots have a more dangerous enemy than the Decepticons, the enemy is... their creators.

First Appearances:  Pipes; Tailgate; Swerve; Razorclaw; Rampage; Headstrong; Divebomb; Tantrum (who made a cameo in part 1); Predaking; Sky Lynx; and Metroplex.