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"If you build it, victory will come."

Profile: Flightplan is a talented designer, responsible for conceiving and drawing the blueprints for many of the Constructicon strongholds and installations.  As an honorary member of the team, he enjoys the creative process, but has little interest in building the fortresses he designs.  "Let the others get their hands dirty," he says.  The rest of the team usually doesn't involve him in their missions.  He is flighty and irresponsible, frequently sneaking shortcuts into his drawings that result in fundamentally flawed designs.  The other Constructicons usually have to go back and redesign his illustrations before they can even begin construction.  It's possible that Flightplan does this on purpose as a way of getting back at the other Constructicons for slighting him.  He's secretly jealous of the original team members, because despite his freedom in the air, he longs for a chance to be rebuilt into a construction vehicle and become a full-fledged member of the team.

Abilities:   Flightplan transforms into a rocket jet capable of speeds up to 1600 mph, and he is extremely maneuverable.He is a veritable gunship, armed with four independantly targetable wing lasers, a electron disruptor blaster, and a rapid-fire berserko-bazooka in his nosecone. As a robot, he uses two shoulder-mounted electro-cannons and wrist-mounted rocket launchers, and he carries a thermal beam gun capable of melting a foot-thick block of steel into molten slag.  He can also transform into a free-standing cannon, serving as the Targetmaster weapon for Devastator.

Weaknesses:  Sometimes the powerful recoil from Flightplan's bazooka can damage his internal systems.

STR: 5  INT: 6  SPD: 8  END: 4
RNK: 5 CRG: 4  FPW: 8  SKL: 7


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Flightplan and the Constructicons (from "The Rebirth" part 1)