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"Forever is a Long Time Coming" Mini-Bloopers

Plot Oversights

Dialogue and Sound Effects

Animation and Continuity

Trivia Answers



Perceptor and a group of Autobots have been dispatched to investigate unusual chronal-energy readings emanating from an ancient bowl-shaped asteroid, and they discover that the Quintessons have created a time machine.  Perceptor is wounded in an attempt to stop them from activating the time window, while the other Autobots are sucked into the machine and appear in Cybertron's past, eleven million years ago.  They meet the ancient Autobot rebels, who are planning to revolt against the Quintessons despite the absence of their leader, A-3, who was plucked from his time and taken to 2006.  The present-day Autobots find A-3 and protect him from the Quintesson attack on the time window, which had been left open and is causing the fabric of space-time to rupture.  When the attack fails, the Quintessons convince the Autobots of the dangers and enlist them to shut down the time window.  A-3 jumps back through the window, sends the missing Autobots back home, and uses his coda remote device to defeat the Quintessons' oppressive Dark Guardians and enable the slaves to seize their freedom.

Trivia Questions:

  1. Which Autobots were in that race that kept repeating itself?
  2. What kind of weapons did the Quintesson warships use?


Plot Oversights:

Dialogue and Sound Effects:

Animation and Continuity:


Trivia Answers:

  1. Bumblebee, Springer, Swerve, and Wheelie.  (Yeah, Swerve's there.  Look closely.)
  2. Star bombs.


1Jen One
2Princess Artemis

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