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"If we don't finish the job and flatten them—we might as well not be in the fight at all."

Profile: Gobots is a vitally important cog in the vast battle machine that is the Autobot army. A veteran of the war, he has visited many other worlds, including at least one other planet populated by shape-changing robots.  Gobots is able to endure even the most extreme conditions and most dire circumstances while valiantly fighting on, and he does so without a trace of fear in his circuits. Rather than leading the charge into battle, Gobots usually serves behind the front lines. He believes in being as thorough as possible, and he can usually be found tying up all the loose ends that the first wave of Autobots have left behind, mopping up enemies as he goes. Gobots does his best to ensure that once he brings an Decepticon down, that warrior will never fight on the battlefield again.

Abilities: In car mode, Gobots can reach a maximum speed of 220 mph and can maintain this velocity for over three days. An extremely tough vehicle, he has yet to discover his upper limits, but he is always prepared to challenge the full extend of his durability. He is outfitted with a devastating water power weapon under his front bumper, capable of firing either a wide-range dispersal stream or a tightly-focused stream that erodes most metals in seconds. In robot mode he is equally as deadly, when this weapon becomes either a shoulder- or arm-mounted cannon which affords him better accuracy and a longer range.

Weaknesses: Gobots has the tendency to focus on insigificant details. On more than one occasion, he was too busy pummeling a fallen Decepticon to notice a new wave of troops moving in.

Gobots (Robot and Car Modes)

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