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"What you say isn't nearly as important as what you do."

Profile: Gunpoint is among the most sinister and calculating of all the Decepticons.  He excels in his ability to convince much larger and more powerful Decepticons to fight in his stead, promising them exactly what they want to hear, so he can reap the ultimate rewards following the battle's end.  He is a silver tongued devil, a master of using just the right words to manipulate his comrades.  He never truly means what he says, though, and he'll say anything to get others to do what he wants.  He has established a powerful network of would-be allies and informants, and he has used his many connections to secure his place within the Decepticon army.  While others have ascended through the ranks due to their bravery and heroism, Gunpoint has managed to do the same through trickery and cunning.

Abilities:   Gunpoint transforms into a six-wheel tank with off-road capability, and travels at 70 mph.  He is armed with two atomic displacer cannons that can disrupt molecular bonds in most metals, and he uses these in both vehicle and robot modes. By far the greatest tool at his disposal, however, is his ability to turn the other Decepticons into his unwitting puppets.

Weaknesses:  Gunpoint is physically weak, relying almost exclusively on his ability to convince others to fight for him.

STR: 2  INT: 10  SPD: 4  END: 3
RNK: 8  CRG: 9  FPW: 5  SKL: 10


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Gunpoint (from HEADMASTERS #1)