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"I'll break your funny bone!"

Profile: Hooligan is a demented, mischevious troublemaker. Where other Decepticons tend to focus on important goals like conquering the Universe and defeating the Autobots, Hooligan's only interest is the next opportunity to play a practical joke. The more one of his pranks humiliates a target, the funnier he thinks it is—and he'll stop at nothing to get a good laugh. Autobots, humans, and even his fellow Decepticons are all potential targets for his twisted brand of humor. Hooligan is perhaps best known for his attempt to land and disrupt a shuttle launch from the Kennedy Space Center on Earth—but rather than steal the valuable rocket fuel from its tanks, he simply intended to vandalize it with the Decepticon insignia. Although this stunt was thwarted by an Aerialbot flak attack that chased him off, Hooligan still dreams of this and even more outrageous stunts. He can still be found firing missiles in front of commercial airliners because it makes him laugh every time.

Abilities: Hooligan is equipped with powerful weaponry, but due to his cowardly nature, he tries to avoid direct confrontations whenever possible. As a result, his attacks typically consist of swooping into the scene long enough to fire a missile and then zipping away before his foes can retaliate. As a jet fighter, he cruises at 700 mph; he can also convert to a swept-back wing configuration, enabling him to reach Mach 2.5 for limited distances. He is equipped with a missile launcher that shoots computerized heat-seeking rockets; this launcher becomes his right arm in robot mode.

Weaknesses: Hooligan occaisonally goes too far in his ongoing quest for the bigger and better prat fall. In a recent incident, he was nearly dismanted after putting sugar in a dormant Megatron's fuel tank.

Hooligan (Robot and Jet Modes)

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