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"Weapons can win battles, but words can win wars."

Profile: Hubcap is determined to be the best friend of everyone in the galaxy.  With an affable nature and an infectious wit, his fellow Autobots can't help but like him. He's generous enough to offer your the world, and charming enough to make you believe he can make good on his promise. What his friends quickly find out, however, is that he'll drop them without a second's hesitation as soon as they cease being useful to him. Suffice to say, Hubcap can't be trusted.  Beneath his Autobot insignia beats the energon pump of a true con aritst, and he rarely misses the opportunity to take advantage of the situation to twist it to his own ends. This brilliant mastermind has a genius for deception, and is living proof of the old Cybertronian adage, "You can't tell an Autobot by his finish."

Abilities: Hubcap can serve as an auxiliary communications relay for the Autobots. Equipment in his head module is capable of detecting, redirecting, or jamming airborne transmissions, ranging from AM and FM carrier wave signals to shortwave radio signals to UHF and VHF television broadcasts to sub-orbital satellite signals as weak as one millionth of a watt. He is adept and agile, particularly in his sports car mode. He has a maximum speed of 90 mph and a top range of 1000 miles.  His greatest skill, however, is his ability to manipulate others to achieve his goals.

Weaknesses: Hubcap is neither strong nor particularly durable. The only defensive capabilities he has to fall back on are his own savvy and cunning.

Hubcap (Robot and Car Modes)

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