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"The best thing in life is sweet revenge."

Profile: Jetstorm is an intimidating bully who thrives on asserting himself over others. The more control he has over his world, the more powerful he feels. A selfish, sadistic tyrant, Jetstorm is universally hated by nearly everyone who crosses paths with him. It's impossible to reach a compromise with him; he tolerates nothing less than his complete satisfaction. What's more, he's got a nasty, vengeful streak, and on the few occasions when he isn't placated, he will secretly exact revenge in the most deliciously hurtful manner imaginable. If there's anything else he enjoys as much, it's the satisfaction of organizing a well-run campaign. He abhors chaos and unnecessary waste, which makes him indispensable at coordinating the unit. It is a task he performs with remarkably grim efficiency.

Abilities: Jetstorm transforms to an off-road buggy, especially suited for rough terrain. He stays long and low, traveling at a maximum speed of 210 mph. Jetstorm's vehicular weaponry is cunningly concealed within his front bumper, and comes in the form of an onboard fluid blaster that grants him water-firing capabilities at incredible pressures. He has also been known to drench his opponents with plasma, acid, and other substances to achieve even more devastating results. In robot mode, his bumper converts to a hand held aqua-gun, and the extra range he is afforded in this form provides him with even greater firing power.

Weaknesses: Jetstorm lacks physical strength as a robot, depending almost entirely on the power of his weapons and his intimidation tactics. On the few occasions he is faced with a clearly superior opponent, Jetstorm rapidly loses his nerve and goes into full retreat.

Jetstorm (Robot and Car Modes)

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