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"The sleek shall inherit the Earth."

Profile: Nothing in the known universe can faze Leadfoot. The more high-pressure a given situation, the more likely Leadfoot is to assure his allies that he's got everything handled. His confidence in his own abilities is boundless; he operates with the same unshakable composure planning new defensive measures as he does infiltrating Decepticon base camps during high-speed raids. His overconfidence sometimes works to his advantage, frightening even some of the strongest Decepticons who believe that his firepower is as fearsome as he claims. What many of them don't realize is that Leadfoot has a particularly strong self-preservation instinct; one good counterassault is usually all it takes to motivate him into a calm, collected retreat.

Abilities: As a race car, Leadfoot maintains a cruising speed of 180 mph. He is capable of short bursts of speed, propelling up up to 390 mph for seconds at a time, but this is highly energy-consumptive. In this mode he is equipped with alloy-sensitive, laser-guided circuitry specially designed to seek out enemy radar and scanning systems, defusing them and enabling him to race into battle virtually undetected. He is armed with a devastating "rotoprop" weapon that launches a series of spinning, razor-sharp rotor propellors into the air that travel at 50 mph. He uses the same rotor launcher as an arm-mounted weapon in robot form, affording him better aim and enabling him to destroy Decepticons in milliseconds.

Weaknesses: Aside from his aforementioned tendency to abandon missions, Leadfoot also lacks strength in robot mode, relying heavily on his weaponry during most combat situations.

Leadfoot (Robot and Indy Car Modes)

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