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"You'd better keep me on a short leash!"

Profile: Mad Dog is ferocious, feral, and furious.  He routinely lashes out with the animalistic savagery one would expect from a rabid cur, not a Decepticon soldier.  He looks for any excuse to pick fights with Autobots, fellow Decepticons, and even wild animals he may happen to come across.  He doesn't care, as long as he gets to fight.  The other Invadicons have learned that it's easier to just let him launch into these furious attacks than to ask him to control himself.  They figure it's better if he gets it out of his system than risk him attacking one of them instead.

Abilities:   In vehicle mode, Mad Dog can quickly adapt to any environment or terrain.  He can replace his wheels with skis, propellers, thrusters, etc. as needed.  He drives at 170 mph on the ground, but his top speed is reduced in particularly challenging terrain.  He is equipped with a long-range atomic missile launcher.  As a robot, he carries a foam cannon that douses enemy robots with a thick, frothy substance that interrupts the flow of their electrical circuitry.  He combines with his fellow Invadicons to form Destructor.

Weaknesses:  Mad Dog is tireless and relentless, but he's completely undependable.  He is usually more interested in brawling than carrying out his missions.

STR: 9  INT: 3  SPD: 7  END: 10
RNK: 3  CRG: 10   FPW: 6  SKL: 2

Mad Dog

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Mad Dog (from "Surprise Party")