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"Madman's Paradise" Mini-Bloopers

"Not Cybertron.  California, maybe?"--Grimlock

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Bored by the diplomatic functions on Cybertron, Daniel and Grimlock wander off and accidentally discover a secret chamber within Cybertron that transports them to an alternate world, Menonia.  They meet a sorcerer named the Red Wizard, who convinces them to help him fight against his enemies, the followers of the Golden One.  While Grimlock is enlisted to combat the Golden One's warriors, Daniel is unceremoniously tossed in a cell and meets a prisoner to explains that the Red Wizard is an evil sorcerer who imprisoned the Golden One in a cave ages ago.  Meanwhile, the Autobots on Cybertron follow Daniel's trail and discover the chamber, which was used by the Quintessons to banish criminals to other dimensions, including a Quintesson sorcerer who became known as the Red Wizard.  After recovering Daniel and Grimlock, the Autobots free the Golden One, enabling him to defeat the Quintesson.

Trivia Questions:

  1. Where was the dimensional disk located?
  2. Name the Quintessons who were banished, and where they were sent to.

Plot Oversights:

Dialogue and Sound Effects:

Animation and Continuity:


Trivia Answers:

  1. Planetary corridor CB-11-B4.
  2. Al-Baduur was sent to an ice world, Mirdain was sent to a realm with no physical form, and Mara Al-Utha ended up on Menonia.

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