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"All living beings deserve a chance to thrive."

Profile: Meltdown is compassionate to a fault.  Where the other Autobots care about helping those in need, particularly those who are inadvertantly caught up in the war with the Decepticons, Meltdown takes it to a whole new level.  He's been known to spend hours trying to save a helpless kitten stuck in a tree while a ten-story skyscraper goes up in flames.  It's not that he doesn't care about property—it's just that he cares much, much more about saving lives.  In fact, he's so concerned about the welfare of others that he often impedes Autobot attempts to engage the Decepticons in battle.  He believes in the Autobot cause, but he can't stand the thought of innocents being harmed as a result of their struggle.  "No war was ever won without lives being lost," he's been known to say.

Abilities:  As a fire engine, Meltdown travels at 200 mph.  His ladder can extend up to 100 feet, assisting him invaluably in his rescue operations.  His internal tanks can carry up to 520 gallons of water.  He also has two auxiliary transformations that he uses during his rescue work.  He can adapt his fire truck mode into a car carrier configuration in order to safely transport wounded Autobots, capable of reaching 230 mph due to its more aerodynamic design.  He can also change into a repair bay mode, equipped with mechanical utility arms, diagnostic computers, and a full-service maintenance bay.  In robot mode, Meltdown uses two high-pressure water cannons.  One of them sprays salt water at 200° Fahrenheit, even hotter than the conventional boiling point, and the other sprays cold salt water at -20° Farenheit, lower than the normal freezing point.  He combines with the other Rescuebots to form Emancipator.

Weaknesses:   Meltdown's dedication is without question, but his value to the team is limited due to his attempts at circumventing Autobot operations.

STR: 5  INT: 3 SPD: 8 END: 7
RNK: 4 CRG: 10  FPW: 6  SKL: 5

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Meltdown (from "Ghost in the Machine")