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"Let's tear up the streets...and the Decepticons!"

Profile: Motormouth is the ultimate braggart, perpetually boasting about his impeccable appearance. The shine on his chrome, the polish on his tires, the sparkle of his windshield—these are sources of immense pride for him, and he makes sure that everyone within earshot knows it. He's also quite proud of the immense size of his engine, which goes hand in hand with his equally enormous ego. True enough to his name, Motormouth never stops talking. If he's not ranting about his appearance, he's complaining bitterly about being used as a transport vehicle, which occurs far more frequently than he's comfortable with. He hates storing or carrying anything in his truck bed because he's terrified that it might scratch his paint job. Perhaps if his brain circuitry weren't so minimal, he'd realize that half the time, the Autobots send him on missions just so they won't have to listen to him.

Abilities: In truck mode, Motormouth can reach a top speed of 380 mph, and is specifically designed to handle rugged terrain. He is strong as an ox, able to haul up to five tons, but doing so considerably reduces his maximum velocity (and he does so only with extreme reluctance). In robot mode, he carries a compressed-air rifle that fires bursts of super-heated gas. It can produce pressures as high as 500 pounds per square inch; concentrated bursts can melt holes through metal.

Weaknesses: All of Motormouth's problems stem from his lack of common sense. Although he's fast enough to easily evade enemy Decepticons, he is easy to catch off guard. He rarely goes for more than a few minutes without stopping to check his reflection in store windows.

Motormouth (Robot and Pickup Truck Modes)

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