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"A good shot is better than a big mouth."

Profile: Nightracer is sleek, efficient, and deadly accurate. As one of the best sharpshooters among the Transformers, she is cool and imperturbable even in the worst combat situations. Other Decepticons admire her skill, but are put off by her aloof manner. Her confidence in her own abilities is often mistaken for arrogance; the way Nightracer sees it, there's no reason to promote or downplay what she perceives as a simple fact. She tends to keep to herself, discouraging most attempts at conversation with cutting remarks. The only Decepticon she considers a friend is Swindle.

Abilities: In race car mode, Nightracer can reach 330 mph. Her tires are designed to grip smooth surfaces, making her especially adept at hairpin turns. She can fire laser beams from her headlights in this mode. As a robot, Nightracer carries a semi-automatic laser rifle that fires rapid, disruptive bursts. Her sharpshooting skills are legendary—she can hit a speeding target the size of a golf ball from 10 miles away, from a stationary or moving position, with pinpoint accuracy. Her optic sensors are equipped with a telescopic function and computer-guided visual tracking systems to help her lock onto her targets.

Weaknesses: Nightracer is susceptible to flipping over when traversing rough terrain in vehicle mode. She sometimes suffers from dizzy spells when alternating between normal and telescopic vision.

Nightracer (Robot and Vehicle Modes)

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