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"Rules, like Decepticons, were made to be broken."

Profile: Nightwatch's duty is to patrol the city streets and keep them safe, but it is a job he performs with extreme reluctance.  He despises the planet Earth  and all that it represents.  He's particularly resentful of humans, and considers them little more than an obstacle in the Autobot-Decepticon war.  He is macho, self-assured, and very proud.  He especially dislikes being reduced to little more than a babysitter for carbon-based life forms.  He will do anything to return to Cybertron and get back to dispensing his own personal brand of justice.  He considers himself above the laws of the land, completely disregarding the rules of human society in order to accomplish his goals.  He prefers to operate alone, searching for Decepticons while on patrol so he can take matters into his own hands when and if he finds them.

Abilities:  As a police car, Nightwatch travels at 220 mph.  He is armed with a vibra-cannon that creates vibrations that are intense enough to literally shake the bolts off Decepticon armor.  He also uses a pair of shoulder-mounted launchers that fire armor-piercing rockets, which can penetrate six inches of titanium.

Weaknesses: Nightwatch is extremely anti-social.  He refuses to work with his teammates, even in situations when he's clearly overmatched.

STR: 7 INT: 8 SPD: 6  END: 7
RNK: 7 CRG: 9  FPW: 6  SKL: 5


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Nightwatch (from The Transformers: the Movie)