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"History is written by the winners."

Profile:  Pictureshow is the collective name for a trio of Decepticon robots who can combine together.  Each of them has his own distinct and unique personality.  Shutterbug, the group leader, is highly intelligent, and uses his vast knowledge of Cybertron history to better the Decepticon cause.  He is also extremely cruel.  Then there is Flashcube, an enthusiastic and eager warrior who is also rather dim-witted.  He has difficulty carrying out Shutterbug's orders because he just doesn't understand what he's being asked to do.  The final member of the team is Zoom, an impatient and petulant warrior who does nothing but complain.  The three can often be found bickering amongst themselves.

Abilities:  When combined together into Pictureshow, the team has all the capabilites of a regular Earth camera and more.  In addition to taking pictures, they can also record video, sounds, smells, temperatures, and other aspects of the environment to create a realistic 3-D virtual representation.  When they separate into their robot forms, Shutterbug carries a paralysis gun that can render most of his targets immobile for up to 20 minutes.  Flashcube uses a concussion missile launcher capable of knocking his opponents out cold.  Zoom wields a high-energy x-ray cannon that can penetrate steel.  Pictureshow can also use any of these weapons in camera mode.

Weaknesses:  The three robots who form Pictureshow dislike having to work together.  Electromagnetic interference can hinder their ability to create accurate recordings.

STR: 4 INT: 8  SPD: 2  END: 5
RNK: 4 CRG: 9  FPW: 7 SKL: 9


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Pictureshow and Starscream (from "More Than Meets the Eye" part 2)