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"Shoot first and ask questions later."

Profile: Potshot is a master marksman.  His  duty is to defend Decepticon territory from Autobot invasion, and he does it with uncanny skill and efficiency.  He will fire on anything that moves  and, unless they quickly provide him with proper authorization, incinerate them on the spot.  Sometimes he's even fired on fellow Decepticons who failed to identify themselves quickly.  He operates with the efficiency of a finely-tuned machine—he is silent, fast, and deadly accurate.  Despite his superior abilities, though, Potshot is unhappy with his role.  He gets bored easily, and takes no pleasure in destroying Autobots.  In fact, he prefers taunting his targets, scaring them with deliberate near-misses, rather than just destroying them outright.  Ending their lives too quickly simply isn't as much fun.

Abilities:   Potshot can transform to a full-sized stationary weapons platform, or he can shrink down into a handheld weapon for other Decepticons to carry.  In either size, he can fly at speeds of 180 mph.  As a variable-yield laser cannon, he can function as an arc-welder at lower settings.  At his highest setting, he can sear through a 10-foot thick slab of steel.  His arm becomes his primary weapon in robot mode, which is less powerful but allows him to use his mobility to hunt down targets more effectively.

Weaknesses:  Potshot is not very physically adept and lacks fighting capability, relying entirely on his marksmanship in battle.

STR: 4  INT: 8  SPD: 7  END: 3
RNK: 5  CRG: 6   FPW: 9  SKL: 10


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Potshot (from the "Five Faces of Darkness" Title Sequence)