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"Getting rid of Autobots is a blast!"

Profile: Powerdive is a klutz. Whether he suffers from a malfunctioning gyroscope or just doesn't pay attention to where he's going is unknown, but the fact remains that he routinely trips on, bumps into, and falls over any object in his path. It's only after he's transformed to helicopter mode that his true abilities manifest themselves: Powerdive was clearly born to fly. In vehicle form, he completely sheds his bumbling nature and becomes a sleek, maneuverable weapon of destruction. In the skies he holds the clear aerial advantage, enabling him to catch enemies off guard as he drops out of the clouds in a controlled descent for swift but devastating surprise attacks.

Abilities: As a helicopter, Powerdive can fly at 450 mph in ideal weather conditions. His modulating circuit sensor can detect Autobots from up to 100 miles away; if an enemy is out there, Powerdive will find him. A veritable gunship, he is equipped with side-mounted concussion blasters and forward-mounted laser cannons. He can also launch rapid-fire ordnance propellers from his primary rotor blade with surprising accuracy and speed. They are equipped with targeting sensors and can initiate course corrections in mid-flight, making it nearly impossible to outrun or outmaneuver their destructive power. Powerdive is armed with all these weapons as a robot, in addition to his rotor blade which he uses as a slicing weapon. What really makes him dangerous in this form, though, is his total ineptitude on the ground.

Weaknesses: Strong winds can incapacitate Powerdive's ability to fly. Though highly effective in the air, Powerdive is completely useless out of his element.

Powerdive (Robot and Helicopter Modes)

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