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"Save energy today; destroy tomorrow."

Profile:  Powerhouse is among the most selfish machines within the Decepticon ranks.  His role is to provide supplemental power to his fellow Decepticons during battle, but instead, he hoards his energy reserves like they were going out of style.  He is terrified by the prospect of running out of fuel, so he compensates for this fear by stockpiling as much energy as he can get his hands on.  He's been known to steal watch batteries, plug into electrical outlets at shopping centers, and siphon gas from parked cars.  He's convinced that one day, the Decepticons will completely exhaust the Earth's natural resources, and he wants to be the last Decepticon standing long after his comrades have ground to a halt.

Abilities:   Powerhouse is equipped with internal batteries that are designed to collect and store energy collected during Decepticon raids.  They can store up to 130,000 kilojoules of power before he reaches maximum capacity, which is later processed and converted into energon at the Decepticon base.  He is theoretically capable of discharging his stored energy through his fingertips in powerful electrical bursts, but in practice he rarely utilizes this talent because he considers it to be extremely wasteful.  He carries two anti-traction blasters that can coat any surface with a slippery substance.  When used on roads, this disrupts the ability of the Autobots to drive effectively. 

Weaknesses:  Powerhouse will go to great lengths to secure a potential energy source, even if it puts him at risk.  Sometimes, when his batteries are carrying a charge for an extended period of time, he overheats and some of his internal systems are disabled or even damaged as a result.

STR: 3  INT: 6  SPD: 2  END: 7 
RNK: 4  CRG: 9  FPW: 6  SKL: 7


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Soundwave and Powerhouse (from "S.O.S. Dinobots")