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"If there's a chance for destruction, I'll take it!"

Profile: Ransack is one sly, smooth-talking Decepticon. In his role as an eye-in-the-sky spy plane, his primary duty is to provide his fellow Decepticons with potential air attack strategies, developed after returning from reconnaissance patrols over Autobot base camps. He delivers these reports in such a flattering, ingratiating manner that few Decepticons ever suspect that he considers them little more than pawns in his own private game. Ransack is firmly confident that as long as he remains aloft, there is no place his enemies can hide where he won't eventually find them. Indeed, the only times he feels threatened are on the rare occasions when he's forcibly removed from his element and shot down behind enemy lines. It is only on these occasions when he will fight with a vengeance, with an ultimate goal of once again returning to the skies.

Abilities: In plane mode, Ransack can fly at 990 mph. He is ideally suited for espionage work, with a wing-mounted camera that can zoom in on a target as small as a microchip from up to 1.2 miles away. He is equipped with a magnetic field generator that scrambles most electronic equipment within a half-mile radius, masking his position during surveillance work as well as providing the opportunity for stealth attacks. He is also capable of firing his propellor blade module to blitz enemies during dogfights, an attack that rarely fails to catch his enemies off-guard. His pontoons provide him with limited mobility on the water. In robot mode, Ransack is equipped with an array of high-tech sensory equipment. He uses his rotor launcher as an arm-mounted weapon in this form.

Weaknesses: Ransack's biggest shortcoming is the nature of his weaponry, since firing his rotors renders him unable to effectively fly for more than very short distances. He tends to bring this on himself immediately after joining a battle, since he rarely exercises discretion in choosing his targets.

Ransack (Robot and Plane Modes)

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