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"The deadliest weapon you can have is a sharp mind!"

Profile: Rapido is one of the most brilliant Autobots who ever lived. Serving as platoon leader, Rapido took command of the Autobot army following the departure of Optimus Prime some four million years ago.  He is an unparalleled mastermind when it comes to warfare strategy, executing them with a skilled methodology that few can match. Sophisticated ideas come easily to him; his plans are typically so mind-bogglingly complex that only he fully understands them. He believes in logic and reasoning, refusing to allow the irrational to cloud his thinking. His archive of knowledge and uncanny knack for anticipating every possible detail has won him the reverence of many of his comrades, making him one of the most respected Autobot commanders in history.

Abilities: In his vehicle form, more smooth and sleek than most Earth vehicles, Rapido's indepentandly-powered, rear-mounted engine propels him at speeds of 390 mph. In robot mode, his rear-mounted engine component converts to a powerful double barreled laser blaster. Rapido is a powerful fighter, but his real strength lies in his ability to outcalculate his opponents.

Weaknesses: Rapido's penchant for depending on intellect and logic sometimes prevents him from seeing the side of the equation not governed solely by rhyme or reason.  Other Autobots are sometimes put off by his  dry, emotionless demeanor.

Rapido (Robot and Vehicle Modes)

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