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"Autobots are good to the last bite!"

Profile:  Razorfang lives to eat.  He considers it his duty to consume as much as he can, and he focuses on this job to the exclusion of all else.  When other Decepticons are busy engaging Autobots in deadly combat, Razorfang is gleefully standing with his mouth open wide, like a hungry baby bird, waiting for somebody else to rip an enemy into pieces so he can eat the leftovers. The other Decepticons consider him little more than a selfish glutton, since he's usually too busy stuffing his face to help them win any battles.  When marching into combat, the other Decepticons only bring Razorfang along because they know he'll just eat something important or valuable if they leave him behind.  Razorfang is binary-bonded to Gormus, a Nebulan who was once known as the top chef on his home planet.  He ran a successful and popular restaurant called Gormus' Goodies that was eventually shut down by the health department after his food started making patrons ill.  It turns out he had been cutting corners by baking entrees made from expired ingredients.  Disenfranchised, Gormus was all to eager to join the Decepticon Headmasters.  He and Razorfang are constantly squabbling, since Gormus is constantly directing Razorfang to only eat the finest alloys, while Razorfang isn't nearly as discerning when it comes to his dietary requirements.

Abilities:  Razorfang spends most of his time in crocodile mode, where he uses his powerful jaws to bite through and rip apart nearly any known materials.  His specialized digestive system can break down materials into usable fuels and turn the rest into their component elements, allowing him to recycle anything he eats.  In robot mode, he carries a directional gravity gun that creates localized gravity fields, allowing him to plaster an enemy to the ground—making it easier for him to eat them, of course.  He also uses a chainsaw sword that he wields like a melee weapon but which also has serrated blades that spin at 1000 rpm.  His most dangerous weapon, however, is his mouth, which is filled with razor-sharp, diamond-tipped serrated tungsten-alloy fangs capable of biting into, and tearing apart, even the strongest armor.

Weaknesses:  Razorfang frequently gets so full from eating that he falls into a stupor, rendering him useless until he finishes digesting and processing his meals.

STR: 7 INT: 5 SPD: 3 END: 8
RNK: 4 CRG: 6 FPW: 8 SKL: 5


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Razorfang (from "The Rebirth" part 2)