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"The Rebirth" part 2

Transformers Future Episode #97

Written by David Wise

"We have a little deal to offer you... one which will enable you to defeat your adversaries.  And all it will cost you is... your heads."

 After Spike has completed the modifications on the Autobots' heads (see part 1), each of the four Nebulon strategists selects an Autobot to bond with.  (Gort, who chooses last, is not entirely pleased he ended up with Highbrow.)  Now, when the Headmasters transform, their heads detach and transform into robotic exo-suits, worn by the Nebulons.  Arcee had asked that she be paired with Daniel, who now depends on the exo-suit to survive.  

 When the Headmasters attack the Hive machines that roam the hills, however, it draws the attention of the Hive, who for the time being are content to simply observe...

 Meanwhile, as the Decepticons are interrogating their Autobot captives, the Headmasters arrive and chase the Decepticons off.  The Hive take the opportunity to capture the Decepticons with their machines and take them underground.  Their leader, Lord Zarak, has a proposal--the Hive will help the Decepticons defeat the Autobots if the Decepticons agree to undergo the conversion into Headmasters.  At first the Decepticons refuse, but after the Hive machines attack again and prepare to seize their heads by force, Cyclonus offers a compromise:  The Hive can have the heads of the primitives in the group, but the rest will surrender their weapons instead.  Zarak agrees.

 Back on Cybertron, Optimus Prime is determined to discover what happened to the Autobots and the plasma energy key.  To this end, he uses the empty shell of the Matrix to merge with Vector Sigma (see "The Key to Vector Sigma" part 1).  From within Vector Sigma, Optimus talks with Alpha Trion.  He learns that the Autobots and the key are on Nebulos, and that Vector Sigma arranged for Galvatron to become aware of the key's existence.  Furthermore, a second Golden Age of Cybertron is on the horizon, but it depends on the merging of an Autobot and a human.  Optimus doesn't understand how or why, but he leaves Ultra Magnus is charge and departs for Nebulos.

 On Nebulos, the Autobots find Cerebros, who discovered the lost city of the Hive and just barely escaped the Hive machines with his life.  Just then, he Decepticons--now Headmasters and Targetmasters--attack the Autobots, capturing the key to the plasma energy chamber.  During the battle, Brainstorm runs a scan of one of the Targetmaster Hive members, and is able to duplicate the procedure with the Nebulon sharpshooters and the remaining Autobots.

 Optimus Prime arrives, and leads the Autobots to regain the key.  But Zarak has been busy rebuilding the Hive's underground city into a Decepticon super robot named Scorponok, a gigantic, rumbling juggernaut.  Scorponok emerges from beneath the ground and moves in on the Autobots...

First Appearances:  Cloudraker; Fastlane; Scorponok; Aimless; Blowpipe; Caliburst; Fracas; Grax; Krunk; Monzo; Nightstick; Spasma; Vorath; Lord Zarak.