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"Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it."

Profile: Red Eye is obsessed with accumulating information.  He maintains an extensive audiovisual record of everything he's ever filmed—he's what humans would call a "information junkie."  He will even ransack local book stores, movie theaters, or public libraries, pouring over microfiche or film reels for days or weeks at a time in search of new data to add to his database.  His vast knowledge makes him an invaluable resource, but his compulsive, reclusive nature makes him less than approachable on a personal level.  He cares far more for his studies than he does for his fellow Decepticons; to him, they are merely tools at his disposal.  Ultimately, Red Eye knows that the more he learns about the planet Earth, the more damage he can do to it.

Abilities:  As a camera, Red Eye can electromagnetically copy and record the contents any media storage format with his lenses—he can absorb the magnetic contents of a videotape, for example, just by aiming his lenses at it.  He can also erase stored data in the same manner.  When he transforms to robot form, he splits into three nearly identical modules, dividing his consciousness among each of them.  He uses his multiple sets of eyes to better manage troop operations, watching a battle from multiple viewpoints simultaneously to triangulate his attacks.  All three robots carry disruptor pistols which can be used separately or, when his components regroup, can be used in conjunction with each other for a powerful delta attack.

Weaknesses: Red Eye's attention is perpetually divided amongst his three components, and complex battle scenarios make it difficult to maintain his focus.  Any damage taken by one of his components is immediately felt by the others, making them potentially vulnerable.

STR: 6  INT: 8  SPD: 2  END: 4
RNK: 5  CRG: 6  FPW: 8  SKL: 9

Red Eye

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Red Eye (from The Transformers: the Movie)