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"Light my fuse and I'll race like a rocket!"

Profile: Road Pig is a street thug at heart, constantly picking fights with anyone who gets too close. He's developed a reputation for instigating trouble no matter what situation he's in. One of his more infamous episodes involves openly challenging a direct order from Megatron, backing down only after he nearly had his internal wiring pulled out through his visual receptors. Road Pig learns lessons the hard way, and tends to take out his frustrations on anyone nearby. Because of this, he has no known friends within the Decepticon ranks. It's possible Road Pig doesn't even realize this, however. He suffers from a case of slow processing circuitry, and his minimal intelligence doesn't afford him much insight. Even his Autobot enemies recognize him as little more than a rebel without a clue.

Abilities: Road Pig prowls the streets at 260 mph. His night vision makes him especially effective after dark as he searches for victims to intimidate, harass, and eventually destroy. In robot mode, his tail pipe converts to an arm-mounted, electrified light saber which is connected directly to his engine. The weapon is surrounded with an electrified energy field, enabling it to slash through most types of metal.

Weaknesses: Road Pig is a tactical liability. He is easily detected by Autobot sensors due to his internally illuminated engine, which overheats whenever he's angry—which is virtually all the time. He's an impressive bully when faced with one or two small Autobots, but lacks guts when it comes to large groups of enemies.

Road Pig (Robot and Motorcycle Modes)

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