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"I'm faster than the speed of light!"

Profile: Road Rocket has a penchant for wild exaggeration. His tactical reports contain Decepticon contingents numbering in the zillions; his appraisal of his own speed capabilities attests to this as well. With almost no capacity for conveying useful information, Road Rocket is largely relegated to serving as a foot soldier. Road Rocket's got no complaints about that; he displays no shortage of enthusiasm for hitting the throttle hard and racing into battle at a moment's notice. In fact, he's so overeager that he constantly overheats his engine, red-lining it to the point of such excessive temperature parameters that it actually starts glowing. He's fond of cooling off by ingesting a mixture of antifreeze and oil for catalytic stabilization.

Abilities: In motorcycle mode, Road Rocket burns the pavement at nearly 290 mph. He is equipped with an explosive-activated acceleration system that enables him to launch like a rocket on the open road. In robot mode, he can use the wheels on his shoulders as fans, creating 130 mph winds. In this form he is equipped with an electrified buzzsaw blade, attached to his right arm. The weapon draws power directly from his internal power supply to function as an energy saber. As Road Rocket is fond of saying, "I can dissolve Decepticon armor faster than ice cream melts on a hot sidewalk!"

Weaknesses: Road Rocket's inability to communicate truthfully is his biggest shortcoming. His tendency to overheat his engine is a major problem as well.

Road Rocket (Robot and Motorcycle Modes)

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