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"Get out of my way...NOW!"

Profile: Roadblock is always angry. It doesn't matter if anyone has done anything to set him off, or whether they're friend or foe; he exists in a perpetually combative state, routinely lashing out at anyone and anything around him. Perhaps the only act from which he derives any pleasure is pushing around his fellow Decepticons, giving him a chance to vent some of his fury. Only the troops who are weaker than he is are afforded this treatment, however. Given his antisocial behavior, the Decepticons frequently send him on reconnaissance missions just to get rid of him. With no one else around to act out his frustrations on, Roadblock performs the job amazingly well.

Abilities: Roadblock transforms into a front loader vehicle capable of traveling at 40 mph. He is ideal for most heavy-duty assignments, using his front-mounted, super-reinforced titanium shovel to lift up to 35 tons. He can clear an entire battle perimeter of fallen Autobot wreckage in only a few minutes. In robot mode, the spinning sawblade on his left arm can slice open enemy armor like a machete through birthday cake. His right arm is a missile launcher that fires crystal-tipped "penetrator" missiles, capable of boring through double-thick, armor-plated shielding to ensure the destruction of his Autobot targets.

Weaknesses: Roadblock's maximum velocity is greatly reduced when he's carrying a heavy payload. Despite his considerable strength and powerful weaponry, he's not a very effective fighter because he lacks the skill to use these resources effectively.

Roadblock (Robot and Front Loader Modes)

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