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"Roll for It"

Transformers Classic Episode #5

"Doctor Alkazar is sending me the antimatter formula!  I've got to keep it safe!"

 In the wake of Megatron's disappearance (see "Transport to Oblivion"), Starscream leads the Decepticons to a power plant for an energy raid.  Optimus Prime and the Autobots arrive and defeat the Decepticons, who flee. "Some leader you turned out to be, Starscream!" mutters Thundercracker.

 Meanwhile, Megatron contacts the Decepticons from Cybertron, and alerts them to prepare for the previously planned strike on a human laboratory.  Starscream insists the Decepticons need to steal replacement parts after their battle with the Autobots, and Megatron reluctantly agrees.

 Meanwhile, Spike and Bumblebee are invited by Spike's friend, Chip Chase, to the laboratory of one Dr. Alkazar.  With Chip's help, the doctor has developed an antimatter formula.  He even gives Chip a floppy disk which will allow Chip's home computer to link up to the main computer at the lab.

 Bluesteak and Prowl track the Decepticon jets to an aircraft factory, and in the ensuing battle, Prowl's battle computer is damaged.  Searching for another computer to access, his signal reaches Chip's computer.  Chip is able to patch into Prowl's systems and control him remotely, enabling him to drive off the Decepticons.

 When Megatron arrives at the lab to steal the formula, Dr. Alkazar uploads the formula to Chip's computer, then tells the Decepticons he's deleted it.  Megatron accesses the computer and learns it has been transmitted, then leaves.

 Back home, Chip is shocked when his computer receives the antimatter formula.  He memorizes the information and then destroys it, believing that will keep it from Megatron.  Soundwave and Ravage track him down and take him to the lab, where Soundwave extracts the infromation from Chip's brain.

 The Autobots devise a plan to slip past the guard, break into the lab, rescue Chip, and recover the formula.  All is successful escept the latter, as Megatron has already created antimatter energon cubes.  A single cube creates an explosion powerful enough to badly damage the Autobots and force them to withdraw.

 Megatron soon launches an assault on Autobot Headquarters, powered by antimatter cubes.  Skywarp is wielding Megatron in weapon form until Chip plans a device on Skywarp, invented by Wheeljack, that enables Teletran I to override Skywarp's motor controls.  Megatron's antimatter begins to reach ignition temperature and he is forced to eject the cubes, which explode an instant later.  With the battle over, the badly wounded Decepticons fly off.

First Appearances:  Chip Chase, the computer genius.  Chip became a recurring character.