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"Leave no stone unturned."

Profile: Like a jungle predator, Salvage is constantly on the hunt—not for prey, in his case, but for raw materials.  He is on a self-appointed mission to find valuable metals, supplies that can be used to create new Decepticon fortifications and troops.  He is essentially a metal detector on wheels.  Although his sensors can penetrate nearly ten miles into the ground, often he sets his sights on targets much closer to the surface.  So determined is he to fuilfil his function that he will steal shields, weapons, and even body parts from his fellow Decepticons.  "If they wanted 'em," he's been known to remark, "they shouldn't have left 'em laying around."  Needless to say, he doesn't make many friends among the ranks when he operates this way.

Abilities:   As a dump truck, Salvage can haul up to 20 tons of raw materials in his truck bed.  He can attach a weapons rack armed with two tracer missiles, which he typically uses in this form to guard his stash of supplies.  The missiles are capable of locking on to the electromagnetic signature of a specific target and will continue to follow that target until either it, or they, are destroyed.  As a robot, he uses a laser pistol.

Weaknesses:  Salvage is immensely unpopular with his allies due to his tendency to steal from them.  Occasionally, his vehicle mode wil break down when he tries to carry more supplies than he is able.

STR: 9  INT: 4  SPD: 6  END: 9
RNK: 4  CRG: 7  FPW: 5  SKL: 6


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