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"The biggest pile of junk often yields the greatest treasures."

Profile: There's nothing Scrounge likes more than driving his wrecking ball through a shiny new skyscraper—not because he particularly enjoys destroying buildings, but because he likes to search the rubble when he's done.  Long after the other Constructicons have finished tearing down an Autobot fortification, Scrouge can be still found digging through the debris.  He is obsessed with accumulating "treasures" to add to his collection—a seemingly  useless assortment of tin cans and old tires and rusty nails.  The other Constructicons don't understand his compulsive collecting, and usually throw it all away when he's not around.  It is for this reason that he feels compelled to bury his treasures at various points around the world—the middle of the desert, the bottom of the ocean, and in hidden alcoves at the Decepticon base.  Scrounge's dedication is unmatched, but his teammates know the only reason he is motivated to destroy the Autobots is because he wants to add their parts to his collection.

Abilities: Scrounge transforms into a wrecking ball truck capable of smashing through a five-foot thick brick wall with one swing.  He can completely level a 40-story skyscraper in less than a minute. In robot mode, he carries a laser pistol.  With his fellow Constructicons, he forms the flight pack for Devastator, enabling him to reach aerial speeds of 400 mph.

Weaknesses: The chain to Scrounge's wrecking ball is his weakest part; without the ball he is rendered largely useless in vehicle mode.  On more than one occasion, he's become buried in the rubble from a building he's destroyed while looking for salvage.

Scrounge (Robot and Wrecking Ball Truck Modes)

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