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"If you're in front of me, you're in my way!"

Profile: Sizzle is a sharp-witted and cunning master of the streets. In his capacity as a combat strategist, he will stoop to any methods to ensnare the Autobots in his traps. He will even use himself as a decoy to lure the enemy into the line of fire, confident that his speed and agility will enable him to escape his pursuers once he's drawn them out and made them vulnerable to attack. The other Decepticons have a tough time keeping up with his ever-changing methods, since he's less interested in offering warnings to the others than he is taking quick, decisive action. Always eager for battle and a chance to exercise his skills, Sizzle derives just as much pleasure in disrupting Autobot ignitions as he does chopping down telephone poles.

Abilities: Sizzle's vehicle mode consists of a turbo-modified racing engine shoehorned into a specially-customized lowrider body frame. As a vehicle, he can reach a maximum speed of 290 mph. His construction incorporates a titanium-plated chassis that provides a resistance to laser fire and prevents him from breaking up on drag strips. In robot mode, Sizzle carries a serrated-edge, electrified light saber weapon. He can also draw power from his engine and channel it through his saber to increase its destructive potential.

Weaknesses: Sizzle would be a more effective strategist if he kept his allies informed of his plans. He is often so preoccupied with executing some elaborate combat strategy that he doesn't stop until he's running low on fuel or, on rare occasions, burning oil.

Sizzle (Robot and Vintage Car Modes)

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