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"Hey, loosen up, guys! Saving the universe can't be that big of a deal!"

Profile: Skram is an easygoing daredevil who lives on the edge. He can be found up to his optic sensors in trouble at any given time, and he wouldn't have it any other way. Out for kicks and in it for the glory, he makes a show of everything he does, and make his frivolous attitude no secret. What he can't understand is why so many of the Autobots take the war so seriously. The way he looks at it, complete and utter dedication to one's objectives was the reason the war broke out to begin with. He figures that the universe is still going to be around long after he's gone, so he's not about to waste his time worrying about its ultimate fate.

Abilities: In sports car mode, Skram burns rubber at 350 mph. He is capable of accelerating to top speed in 2.5 seconds, but it takes him much longer to slow down. As a result, he regularly runs over traffic cones, road blocks, and other obstructions to reach his destinations. He specializes in troubleshooting, speeding to the rescue at the merest sniff of trouble, and usually finding a way to turn things to Autobot advantage. In robot mode, his engine module transforms into a powerful laser weapon, which he uses with lethal coolness to create havoc in the enemy ranks.

Weaknesses: Skram's extreme recklessness is almost legendary. He takes more than his fair share of unnecessary risks.

Skram (Robot and Corvette Modes)

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