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"Trust me if you dare!"

Profile: Skyjack is a master of espionage. As a spy plane, he is skilled at watching his enemies in secrecy, but he also excels at operating in plain sight.  He's been known to buy a can of high-octane turbo juice for a complete stranger, and extract every useful piece of information out of him before the can is half-empty. Most of the time, it's not until Skyjack is long gone that his victims realize he is not to be trusted. Even the Decepticons watch their backs when he's nearby. Rumors have circulated within their ranks that Skyjack is secretly sympathetic to the Autobot cause—particularly after one incident in which he was caught on film during a secret meeting with Optimus Prime. Skyjack has done little to dispel these doubts about his true allegiance. Ironically, with the Decepticons watching him so closely, looking for some sign of treason, Skyjack finds it that much easier to steal secrets from them.

Abilities: In jet mode, Skyjack is capable of speeds exceeding Mach 2.8. His stealth armor provides him with the ability to cloak his presence from Autobot radar, enabling him to operate behind enemy lines while going completely unnoticed by his enemies. He is equipped with a wide range of onboard scanning equipment and recording devices, for use on his spy missions. His onboard missile launcher fires magnetic scrambler rockets that can interrupt electronic signals within a half-mile radius. This missile launcher becomes his right arm in robot mode. He can frequently be found practicing firing at cars on the beltway alongside his personal idol and mentor, Dreadwing.

Weaknesses: Skyjack is not particularly durable, relying largely on his ability to remain undetected during the course of his duties.

Skyjack (Robot and Stealth Plane Modes)

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